Renshinkan was born in Kagoshima, Japan. It's founder, Isamu Tamotsu, began 64 years ago, and faced many hardships. "We must acknowledge that our present achievements are only possible because of the selflessness of our forefathers" (Soke's Message, 2010, Second International Friendship Karate-do Tournament). Renshinkan is based on a spirit of personal development and character building that is currently practiced in 19 countries world-wide - including our dojo, here, in Lake Placid, Florida. 

Renshinkan Karate-do has implemented a code of respecting human life, which is shown by the practice of holding safe and practical competitions and insisting on always using protective gear. Since the early stages, it has focused on character-building and has devoted all of its energy into the "formation of human-beings through Karate-do". Under the philosophy of "Educate people looking ahead to the next 100 years", Renshinkan's principles of teaching have not only emphasized the mastery of Budo, but have also strived to form character, fulfill spirits, and cultivate morals. Renshinkan's main focus is to physically and mentally nourish young students, as well as to create genuine Karate-do.

- Taken from the 55th Anniversary International Friendship Tournament Book